This page is about the entity on the Reality 00916. For entities from other realities, see Chang Tzu-ch'ing.

Chang Tzu-ch'ing 章子青, styled Tzu-ch'ing 紫青, is a member of the Clan Chang 章 (not confused with another fellow mountain clan, Clan Chang 張), one of the fourty original mountain clans of the United Sinic States.


Chang was born the second daughter and sixth eldest child of Chang Ch'iang-sên 章強森, younger brother to Lord Elder Chang Shih-jung 章世榮 of Clan Chang, and lady Hung Pai-hua 洪百花, daughter of Lord Elder Hung Hsiu-ts'ai 洪秀才 of Clan Hung.

She had five brothers and three sisters. Her mother had an affair with Sung K'ai-shan 宋开山 of Clan Sung, who sired her three half-siblings (including Ch'ao Pai-ho 超百合).

Early lifeEdit

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Family and relationshipsEdit

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