Saotome no Marieko

Saotome no Marieko, the Imperial Concubine, niece to two of the Saotome Pretenders, cousin to three, sister to four, and aunt to five others.

The Saotome Pretenders (also known as the Fifteen Saotomes) referred to the claimants to the Uzivian imperial throne who belonged to the Saotome clan, which the emperor Katsuhiko's mother, Saotome no Marieko, came from.

The Fifteen SaotomesEdit

There were fifteen people who were considered the leading figures of the Saotome Rebellion:

  1. HH Saotome no Marieko (daughter of Saotome Katsushige)
  2. Saotome Hironaka (younger brother of Saotome Katsushige)
  3. Saotome no Yukimi (daughter of Saotome Hironaka)
  4. Saotome no Masayu (younger sister of Saotome Katsushige)
  5. Matsunosato no Riyako (daughter of Saotome no Masayu)
  6. Shigebuchi no Hiomi (daughter of Saotome no Masayu)
  7. Saotome Katsunari (older brother of Saotome no Marieko)
  8. Saotome no Kazami (daughter of Saotome Katsunari)
  9. Saotome no Hatsuho (younger sister of Saotome no Marieko)
  10. Nagashiba no Yasuyo (daughter of Saotome no Hatsuho)
  11. Nagashiba Nobuyasu (son of Saotome no Hatsuho)
  12. Saotome Iehisa (younger brother of Saotome no Marieko)
  13. Toshii Hitoyuki (younger half-brother of Saotome no Marieko)
  14. Toshii Shigefumi (son of Toshii Hitoyuki)
  15. Toshii Yukitada (son of Toshii Hitoyuki)

Despite being called the Fifteen Saotomes, there were only eight of them actually bearing the surname. While popularly blamed for being the figurehead of the rebellion, the Imperial Concubine was never directly involved with any of the rebellious movements.

The Saotomeist Supporters Edit

Nagashiba no Yasuyo

Nagashiba no Yasuyo, Marieko's niece and one of the Fifteen Saotomes, later the consort of the Senshō Emperor.

Hironaka's faction Edit

  • Saotome Hironaka*
  • Saotome no Yukimi*

Masayu's faction Edit

  • Saotome no Masayu*
  • Matsunosato no Riyako*
  • Shigebuchi no Hiomi*

Katsunari's faction Edit

  • Saotome Katsunari*
  • Saotome no Kazami*

Hatsuho's faction Edit

  • Saotome no Hatsuho*
  • Nagashiba no Yasuyo*
  • Nagashiba Nobuyasu*

Iehisa's faction Edit

  • Saotome Iehisa*

Hitoyuki's faction Edit

  • Toshii Hitoyuki*
  • Toshii Shigefumi*
  • Toshii Yukitada*


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