Uzivian empire (u-zi-VEE-ən EM-pyr; Nivian: 内和帝国 Uchiwa-teikoku, lit. "Empire of Internal Peace") is the political entity founded in 587 a.i. in the capital city Rakuyō (Luoyang/Lohk-yèuhng) (落陽) of the ancient Sinic kingdom Neihe/Noih-wòh (内和王国).


Iekami dynastyEdit

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Ueno dynastyEdit

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Senba dynastyEdit

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Kodanaka dynastyEdit

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Yū dynastyEdit

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Kizawa dynastyEdit

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Kagura dynastyEdit

Fubu Edit

Taihei Edit

  • In Siv 2933 a.i. (Taihei 1), the Rebellion of the Seven Lords was supressed. The Seven Lords were either executed or exiled.
  • In Uptim 2947 a.i. (Taihei 15), Emperor Kageakira died.

Gempei Edit

Senshō Edit

  • In Carni 2981 a.i. (Senshō 1), Emperor Katsuhiko's cousin, Prince Ukyō, ascended to the throne.
    • In Lunger of the same year, the Saotome Rebellion was supressed. The Saotome clan (早乙女-氏) lost all of its peerages, many of its former members changed their surnames to Hayanaga (早永) and Satsusa (早雨).

Renzō Edit

  • In Tior 3017 a.i. (Renzō 1), Emperor Ukyō died. His cousin ascended to the throne.

Unknown era years Edit

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Hagi dynastyEdit

Also known as the Era of Three Empires.

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